Woolworths CRICKET Blast

Program Co-ordinator Elizabeth Tilli

Lynbrook Lakers Cricket Club


        Woolworths Cricket Master Blast

        Start Date: Friday 25/10/18  
        End Date:  Friday 13/12/18


        Cost: $99

         Woolworths Cricket Blast program will run every Friday between 5:00PM-6:30PM during the period mentioned above        (date inclusive).

            Recommeded Age: 5-8 years (Junior Blast) 8-12 (Master Blasters)
           Location: Main Ground, Boland Drive, Lyndhurst
           Mel Ref: 129 B7 

Online Registration Now Open- Please click on Woolworths
Cricket Blast and register for "Lynbrook" Club.

[Image Source: http://www.in2cricket.com.au/]